Saturday, February 28, 2009

Looking Towards Spring

The yard is a much right now. The air is cold and damp. But I am looking to the future..Spring iscoming, I know it is. We have little green things peeking out of the yuck. I want to share so color from last summer.

Spring Remembered

Here are some shots from this week, walking around my neighborhood.  It's still cold here, for California.

I don't know the name of the first flowers; I usually spot them as I drive the freeways, so I call them Freeway Flowers.

Above is an Oriental Poppy, and below the humble dandelion.


Cloudy sky and bare trees.

Here are some shots from Spring, '08.

California Poppy and a fly.

Middle photo, another name unknown, and below  lupine.


oh how i love spring. it is really my favorite season. time of rebirth, color and mild temperatures...and always welcome have a long dreary winter. :) we do not have much spring color right now....the few things that have bloomed have been stung by freezing temps...but we are closer each day to a world of beautiful colors. this is an old photo...i've not been out much with my camera lately...though no excuse for today...absolutely goregous! but i've been very lazy.