Friday, January 30, 2009


sorry i'm late posting...early january i got this hair-brained idea to go back to school and get my bachelor's degree (i have an associate's in nursing), and with daily life, family, and work activities, i've barely even opened up my blog these past few weeks. i think posting will be sporadic for a while, but you never know when i might pop back in! :)

i love water shots...rivers, ponds, the ocean, puddles, the movement, reflections, the stillness...water just appeals to me. i took these shots last spring in during a visit to gulf shores, alabama.

reflections one afternoon at a lil road side park

gulf shores zoo

the beach


Jan said...

These are all wonderful shots. I especially love the reflections.

Wammy said...

Great shots. Very calming. I'd like to be on that beach feeling the warmth of the sun and the ocean breeze just about now!

Good luck with school. I went back after having twins and almost finsihed my master's in elem ed. Well, someday I plan to return...around 65 because the school will pay for it then.

Kathy said...

love these! especially the reflections...the swan one is my fave