Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lesson Two

Last weekend a friend called to see if I had an empty bed where he could crash. Of course I always...our front door is a revolving door for company of all kinds. I can't remember for how long we have know Jay and his family...years and years let's just say. Jay comes about once a year to take cool pictures of old buildings and stuff and maybe to tromp around in haunted houses. His pictures are amazing. Last year when he was here he told me about the ' thirds' rule. "You don't always have to have your subject in the center of your photo." This year I asked him to show me how my camera works. He did that and more. We were out in the garden looking for cool things to shoot and all of a sudden Jay yanks my camera out of my hand and starts taking pictures of a butterfly that has landed on, what else, but the butterfly bush. He took some shots and I took some shots so I can't actually tell which ones I took. But I think they are really nice so I will share them all.

The butterfly is a flying flower... ~Ponce Denis Écouchard Lebrun