Saturday, August 30, 2008

Baby Bluejays

I love flying things. Isn't that one wish we'd all like to have is to be able to fly and see that awesome view? I love bluejays. Although they are fiesty and can kick my cat's butt on any given day...they are one of my favorite birds. Their beauty, confidence and famous harsh "jeer" vocals always capture my attention. This particular day I photographed the babies that exited the nest and the Mom stayed close by watching her young. Birds have got to be the neatest creature out there that God has given us. For something so tiny, with no arms & minimal defense ability-they sure know how to live amongst the wild-soaring in the air, feeding their young, building their nests and caring for them until they learn how to fly--it is just amazing. They are tough. I challenge you to sit and do a little "bird watching". Its not just an old-people hobby-and you may find you really enjoy them. Sitting and watching birds also enables you to sit in nature and be still...and get close to God.


Wammy said...

What kind of camera do you have? And how did you get so close? Do they now think that you are their mother? Great shots. Guess I am going to have to go park myself out by the birdfeeder and see what I can come up with. Nice job!

Kathy said...

this is my old camera..a couple yrs ago. i couldve had lots of fun with my new camera i have now and its super zoom. i did get close though...risking my head being pecked by the mama their Godmother now.