Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Prytz Family

This is how Bob and I started out, on 5/2/1964, the second half of the collage is us, this year at a minor leage ball game. The joys of our life are our daughters, Carrie and Sharon. In the collage, at 2 & 4, dressed for Halloween, then at 16 & 14, posing for me with their braces still on. The bottom row are current photos, Carrie and Sharon.

Here are some photos showing how we grew, as a family. The first on is about 1986 at a LAPD Christmas party. Sharon, Bob, me, Carrie.

This one is about 1 1/2 years after Carrie had married Ole. They met on a blind date, set up by mutual friends. They were seniors at different high schools. They were put together because they were both so shy. During the first date they barely spoke to each other, but never dated anyone else. Their friends were pretty smart.

This last photo shows our family, as large as it got. It was taken about 1 year after Sharon married Marcelo. Marcelo isn't legally part of our family any longer, but he is very active with our extended famiily, because he's Odens' father.


gina said...

you have a beautiful family and i love the way you've introduced everyone and shown how your family has grown.

Wammy said...

WOW! What a good looking bunch you have. I love the sotries and glad to have met the family. The picture of you all at the LAPD thing made me thing of Charlie's Angels. I have no idea why.