Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ellis Family...Revisited

I was searching for family shots and realized that we don't have many. That could be my New Year's Resolution...take more shots of the family as a family. Two January's ago when Trevor, Cassie and Ellis were here for Christmas we had one of Cassie's friends from college drive up from Lexington to take pictures. Mark chose the park and we all met there. I only remember it being dreary, overcast and COLD...none of us had heavy coats. Let me just stop here and tell you what a fun time it is to get all these yahoos together for a picture. None of us really like having our picture taken.
John is a very patient man. He tried so hard to capture the family. He must have taken a hundred shots. I don't think there is a single shot where all of us are looking at the camera and smiling at the same time.But he did manage to get a few different shots of Michael. Now, there is one who HATES to have his picture taken. It is like pulling teeth. But if you take a picture of something he has made and sneak and capture him admiring his masterpiece...that's a way different story. I love this one thru the wall of the bridge. This one makes me smile...so I will leave you with that. And promise when Cassie and crew are here in a few weeks to take more family shots and post them later.

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gina said...

well the few you have posted are very good. i like the bridge shot with each of you preoccupied with something other than the camera...tho i do sympathize with the photographer. lol and michael is adorable.