Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winged Visitors

This time of year is always so crazy that we just simple don;t make the time to sit and enjoy the simple things around us. So today while Mark and Emmy are out shopping and Michael is busy with Mindcraft I have a cup of tea, some chocolates and my camera and we are posted at the kitchen window. The other day Ms Renee gave me some star suet bird feeders. I put them out under the pergola and the birds have loved them. They are almost all gone. These were just some of our visitors this morning. I am sorta bummed that there were no Blue jays. The woods behind Skyler's are full of them. I can see and hear them but I haven't found what will entice them to come to our table for a visit. I'll keep trying.

Does anyone have any idea what this little lovely is?  Kathy tells me that this is a tufted titmouse.

A very regal Morning dove.

Mark's favorite...a Carolina wren

female Cardinal

A very feisty male Cardinal

Another one of those cute little grey birds.

Wren's backside

I think this is some type of finch.

Maybe tomorrow I will put out lots of sunflower seeds and some pieces of apple, the just maybe the Jays will come.

When I think of birds I think of Mr Mockabee from Mt Washington Baptist Church.  He always sang one of my favorite old school hymns, His Eye Is On The Sparrow.  I sure do miss his sweet smile and his joyful voice.  He touched my heart.

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