Tuesday, December 30, 2008


ok...i know i'm late, but posting anyway. my family is truly a gift for which i am very thankful. we are not perfect by any means...but we are family! :)

i only have a couple of photos and they are old. the top photo was taken Christmas a couple of years ago and pictures myself (front, 2nd from left) with my 4 siblings and parents.

here are our grandchildren. this was taken last year and one wasn't in attendance. since this time, we've added another, and next year we'll have yet another addition. i jokingly told my dad last year that they needed to buy a bigger house as theirs was getting smaller every year. :)

this has made me realize that we really need to try and get everyone together for more family shots.


Wammy said...

I love tall the little kids. The big kids are nice but I love the energy in the kids shot. I agree that we all should take more pictures the bad part about that is that I need to be in some of them...yuck.

Jan said...

Hey, better late than never. I love your post. We find it hard to get everyone together, too. One of my daughters now lives on the right coast and we're on the left coast. Big problem.