Saturday, August 2, 2008

Right Up My Alley

Thank you Emmy! I'm all about the three R's....reduce, recycle, and reuse. Flea Markets and other people's garbage are my favorite places to find things to give new life to. I had so many to choose from...a quick walk around the yard and house and look what I found...
This is the newest treasure to come through the front door. I have had the electricity conductor (the glass thing)for years. Last weekend we found a holder for it at Lehman's Hardware in Amish Country (a later log blog, so get ready). In the conductor there is a bees wax candle. The bench once was in my Mom and Dad's house. The clock face once was in a really nice clock that Mark and I have had for hundreds of years...that is until it fell off the wall a few years and broke into a million pieces. This once was an old milk crate that milk was delivered to the grocery store in. Now, at our house, it hold all the plastic garden shoes right outside the backdoor...easy access for all the gardeners. Then we have several things in this shot. The watering can is now a fountain. The old buckets is now a planter. The stool used to be in Ms Renee's backyard. The clay pot used to belong to my other neighbors grandmother. And then there is the ever so popular bottle tree. The trunk is a old log that was in the yard at one point. The bottles are from my neighbors, and some are from Bryce at work. I'm still collecting wine bottles for other projects that I have planned for the yard. We just made two wine bottle candles. The actual anme is winelights (the pictures were blurry so they aren't making the blog...maybe at a later date over on the side.) I found this fork hiding in the newly blooming hydrangea bush. I remember setting it in a bucket of concrete and then burying it in the yard in WI in the garden gate bed right next door to Ms Yvonne's. We have been looking for more because we actually need a new one to us for use in the compost bin.( Hey that's another one...used leaves and table scraps to make compost for the yard). This is one of my favorite uses for old windows. This one holds some old ivy from years and years ago. The brass this is a piece from the old clock that broke, is the pendulum. This frame is on the kitchen wall. Then we have this one with all the Ellis Family family photos. I switch these up and sometimes it will be old pictures of the Meadows side and other times it will be of the Ellis's. Who knows it just might turn into the Ellis and Alaire Gallery one day.
This is all that I have time for right now...I got a million of them...took lots of pictures last weekend in Amish Country of projects that we are planning for the yard in the years to come.

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Kathy said...

these all are so awesome! you have a true gift.