Saturday, August 2, 2008

Little Red Plastic Thingies

what's old is new again...when jan told me that I thought "what in the world is emmy thinking??"...then I remembered emmy's our favorite tree-hugger and I thought I figured out what I was supposed to do. after it was confirmed by emmy, I realized I probably wouldn't have much trouble doing this particular challenge. I'm on vacation, so that could present a problem. but I'm staying at my mom and dad's. they were born in 1931 and 1929. and my dad is a depression boy, no doubt about it. he saves almost everything. ("never know when that might come in handy..") I told him he was the subject of my entry this time and told him what examples I planned to use. he's good with it. and he gave me some other examples of stuff he saves to reuse. like the big box of spare parts screws and washers and so forth that he's saved from other things. he used some of that just the other day to fix the toilet seat. "they make that stuff like that so I'll go out and buy a new seat." whoever "they" are, they don't know my dad. and emmy, he does want me to make sure you know his love of (obsession with) reusing things has nothing to do with the environment. =)

this is a bucket full to overflowing of the little red plastic ties from the garbage bags dad uses. he ties the bag shut then trims off the ends to use those little parts later. he said the garbage guy wouldn't know what to think if his bags were tied in pretty little bows.
this is one of the many uses for the little garbage ties. sturdy little things.
dad bought some new beach chairs this year, some of the older ones were giving up the ghost so we were in need. first or second day out, one of the new ones busted. the little white dealie popped off the back and the chair fell over on one side. instead of scrapping the chair, dad knew what to do. he went to the hardware store and bought a turnbuckle. actually he just told me "I needed one so I bought four." (did I not say he was a depression boy?) anyway, he used the new turnbuckle and an old wire coathanger and fashioned a dandy little fix for the chair. and the chair seems even sturdier than when it was new. and do you see the little splash of red in the second chair picture? that's a garbage bag tie. it lets us know that this is the chair that's been doctored up. so many uses...


Wammy said...

I love this one. Your Dad cracks me us that depression boy. I have always wondered what to do with those little things...seems like such a waste to just throw them away. Now I know!

Kathy said...

your dad is a hoot. him and my dad would get along well.