Sunday, July 20, 2008

Photo Challenge #3: Nature's I Spy

It was my turn to choose a topic. I never realized how difficult being creative and in charge is. Trying to come up with a topic that is challenging and fun was definately something I am glad that I olny have to do every fourth challenge. But I know that the ladies will always do their best to make us all look good. One of the best things about doing these photo challenges is that you have to learn more about your camera...what specail things it can do...and then how to download the shots and how to tweek them just a bit. I don't have that part down yet. Hope you enjoy our Nature's I Spy Challenge.

Just in case you are wondering...this is a photo of a newly opening black-eyed Susan.


Kathy said...

i have no idea what this is. some sort of flower? My daughter aly thinks its a limb tied in a knot!

leigh ann said...

i think it's a twistie-tie flower. very rare. =)