Saturday, August 2, 2008


Okay this was a difficult category for me. I'm not one to take something old and make it new again for some other purpose. I've never really had the eye for vintage. I can't creatively turn spoons into windchimes. I was stumped. Maybe because my brain is already on vacation this week. Anyway, I really love this beautiful Hibiscus. I think its neat that at the same given time the plant is blooming in all of these different stages. Soon parts have old blooms falling off, some are in buds and others are full bloom. All in different stages of constantly renewing itself to be beautiful at all times. And the Hibiscus has lots of uses-an antifungal & emollient . The bark has strong fibers that Hawaiian chicks make grass skirts with! It can also be used to make wigs. The medicinal properties contain cures for ailments. And its extracts are good for making protective hair oils-making a natural shampoo. Dried hisbiscus is an edible delicacy! And we've all seen the Hawaiian women wear the single flower tucked behind their ear...which ear is used to indicate the wearer's availability for marriage. So this pretty hibiscus definately has uses from old to new. I wouldn't be surprised if Jan's next feat finds her soaking hibiscus leaves and flowers in water and using a wet grinder to make a thick paste to make that natural shampoo.


Wammy said...

Your pictures are the best! Hope you are having a great vacation...sit in the sand and watch the sun set for me a few nights please. Loved all the knowledge that I gained from reading your entry. Nice.

Wammy said...

I think you just might be on to something with the shampoo thing... ;)