Friday, January 30, 2009

Drinking from the Waters

I have been a real GAG blog slacker. I am struggling to keep up with life and my own blog but I think I'm going to make it over for the water entry. And not because I have some awesome water photography. Well I probably do...I know I have a library of beautiful photos of rivers and oceans and lakes that we have visited over the years scattered throughout my archives. But when I heard the topic of "water" these photos are what came to mind, strangely. I guess they are just special to me because they capture so much for my eyes...and good memories. We were at Hawks Nest and it was a hot September day.

Great family time roaming our beautiful West Virginia...but the kids were hot and thirsty
and so when we came up on this little rock made water fountain it was like buying a new toy at Toys R Us. I had just bought a new camera and was testing it out so I squatted by the fountain and watched them quench their thirst. They loved it and so did I watching them. And although theres no fanciness to these pictures I love moving water like this captured still. (you need to click on the photo in large form) It even looks enticing and thirst quenching. Which of course means yes I must tie in a lesson here.

Our thirst for Christ can be quenched if only we come to his waters. Sometimes I feel so guilty that I do not live up to or give God the time I need to be devoting but I do feel comforted that I still have that constant thirst...that need and desire is there. I just need to do better at drinking it all the time. Because I know the satisfaction and benefits I would reap are just like in these photos of my kids that hot September day when they found this fresh cold water for their dry throats.

As the deer panteth for the water
So my soul longeth after you
You alone are my heart's desire
And I long to worship you


Wammy said...

That's one of my favotire praise and worship congs. I need it today, thanks.

gina said...

great pix but the analogy is awesome and really spoke to me! great job!!