Friday, January 30, 2009


Seems like we are all running a little bit behind this month. That's okay. We will do better next month when thing have calm down a little(pssshhh...who am I kidding?)

Water, that's interesting. The only water that we have is in the house. Thank the Lord we have heat. But if I remember right, even when the electric goes off we still have hot water...because we have a gas hot water heater. Do you know which kind you have?

So back to water.Our trees have been coated with this frozen water for almost a week. Early in the mornings it is so peaceful, I think sometimes I can hear fairy wings...the snow has diamonds sprinkled in it and the trees shiver in the cold.We call these windowcicles. I found these out our bedroom window this morning when I was looking for the a yellow tailed flicker.
We have been checking each morning to see if they have grown over night. Looking out my window during the different seasons is something I look forward to each morning.


MyMaracas said...

Icicles are so magical, aren't they? Crystaline and filled with reflections and light, growing like living things. Beautiful photos you have here!

gina said...

icicles and ice crystals capture my imagination too, and you've captured these wonderfully! we don't see a lot of ice here in nw alabama...and i'm not complaining! :)

Vivian said...

Wow!....I can't believe how much your photo here of the icicles with the sun, looks so much like one I just took back in Jan! Check it out....third one down under my blog: Snapshots ( as of Sat, Feb 7 )Called; ICE

Kathy said...

beautiful photos!