Friday, May 3, 2013

A Gift Of A New Friend

Spring makes me feel really good and really bad.  Good because everything comes back to life.  There is something new every morning. Bad because I have horrible allergies.  And it seems to take us longer each year to get the yard back into shape. Not that we are getting any older or anything. I think maybe God might be trying to tell me that I need to sit back and smell the roses more.  It will all get done...maybe with some help.  And just so happens, as it always does in God's timing, I have learned of a 62 year old man that is out of a job with no income at all.  The only job that I have ever been fired from is the one I just lost...cutting my neighbors lawn.  He needed a little help since his wife has been diagnoses with I cut their grass. Sometimes it takes two hours to cut.  So I've lost a job but gained a friend to work in the yard with a few hours a week.  It will be good therapy for both of us.  Wonder what topics of conversation will come up?  This should and will be interesting.

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