Monday, April 15, 2013

Sarah Beth's Peony

This may not look like much to you.  And you cold probably care less.  But to me it might be the most special, sentimental flower we are growing.  It is my Sarah Napier peony.  That is it's actual name.  When my niece passed from her long and hard battle with cancer i decided to make a special memory garden with pink and purple flowers.  Those were her favorite colors.  Our daughter Emmy was researching and found that that was a beautiful pink peony named Sarah Napier.  One one thing...not many growers grow them.  She found one from a grower in NY.  I emailed back and forth and probably called them a few times.  They didn't have many and they wouldn't ship until the fall.  Ugh!  I waited all summer and finally i got an email saying it was on it's way.  Then we planted it.  Covered it for the winter and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Everyday I would check...nothing happening.  Until this week.  When i was weeding the bed getting ready for mulch, I found these two little eyes popping through the dirt.  I watered and prayed over them.
And just look what a few days of nice weather has done for her.  But this weekend it will be down in the low 30's.  The bad part is that I will be out of town and I hope someone remembers to cover her.  She is going to be beautiful...just like my Gert!
If you would like to read an amazing journey full of hope spend some time reading Sarah's journal about her 5  year journey with cancer. Love You Guts.  You will be changed!