Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring has sprung, in Murrieta

Lemon blossoms, smell so sweet.

Tiny Narcissus, bobbing in the wind.

These two shots are of the Jasmine, right outside my front door.

This wonderful geranium is also at the front door. This is an amazing plant. Eight years ago, I saw a geranium growing out of the asphalt in Cypress, CA, near my daughter's house. My climate is a little more challenging than hers, Chaparral vs. Coastal; so I figured if it'd grow out of asphalt, with no irrigation, it's grow here. I've given tons of cuttings away. It's really hardy.


Wammy said...

You all are so much a head of us blooming wise...I can enjoy your spring and then enjoy ours. That's now such a bad deal now is it?

Glennis said...

Love the smell of Jasmine but it just grows so wildly it gets out of hand in our climate. I have to be trimming it all the time. Ours is now having its winter flowers, it flowers twice a year.