Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Time has gotten away from me...and so has the yard all all the little jobs that keep sneaking up on me. But I am always amazed at what comes up in the spring. A lot of the things I forgot they were there. So this morning I walked right out the front door and took three pictures of the first things I saw.A few weekends ago I went to WV for a few days. While I was gone it must have been a little bit warm because Mark was able to get outside with the loppers. He loves trimming bushes in the spring. I always think he trims them way back way to much. When I left this burning bush was about 5 feet tall and 4 foot wide. Now it is about 12 inches tall and naked as the day it was born. But I think there might be hope...I see a few green shoots and some buds forming.We have been babying this clematis for two years...this is the year that it should take off. It has the largest and prettiest blooms I have ever seen. One day there was nothing there and the next time I looked it seems to have sprouted a hundred leaves. And if your yard doesn't already have some of these...you are King/Queen of the Garden. The closer I looked the more I find. This is the first 'bloom'. They are like a little army...sneaking around and jumping out at you from all sides when you least expect it. I know God has a sense of humor with that 'flower'.

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