Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Strange Things in Nature

Jan's choice this month is Strange Things in Nature; I had a hard time with this one. Maybe it's because I'm in California and everything is strange, so I'm just use to it.

This beautiful grass, has always struck my as odd.
How often do you see blue grass.
And how about this tree?
It's leaves are never green, just purple, then dusty purple.
Then, here is a tree that has a green trunk, not brown, or mottled bark color, green.

These examples are from my neighborhood!
It's not exactly like Mr. Roger's neighborhood, but it's a good one, too.


Kathy said...

oh my fave is that green tree bark! very neat pics!

Wammy said...

I want to know what that grass is called and if it will grow in my zone. It is beautiful. I think we might have one of those trees with the never changing color. Does yours have little red berries in the fall? And the green tree truck takes the cake. That is cool.