Saturday, August 30, 2008

Photo Challenge #6: Things That Fly

How many things can you think of that can fly? Leigh Ann came up with this challenge. I was just sure that since she and Kathy have spent what seems like the entire summer basking in the warm sun of the beaches in NC, they would have chosen seagulls or pelicans. But oh no, they surprised me with the entries you see below. You all are too good. Some of you might be wondering where Emmy has been. Well, her camera battery refuses to charge. She hopes to be able to replace it this weekend.

Another point of has been suggested that since school's back in session, that we do these little challenges once a month instead of every two weeks. I gave in and said okay...didn't really want to but I felt for all of them. I'm just some old Wife/Mom/Wammy/ChildCare provider that has nothing to do all day. Those young whipper snappers just can't keep up the with old mighty one.

This just in...We have a new member to our group...JP...hope we all will be able to learn something from you in the blogs to come. Welcome.

1 comment:

Kathy said...

hahaah you are funnyjan.
next spring/summer i'll be ready for the 2 week challenge again...i hope to be rotting away on the white sands again by then....