Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wings and Things

Well, so I took all of these pictures on Father’s Day when we went to every nursery in Cincinnati. When we were in elementary school we did a Christmas play at church. Cassie had the part of the snotty sheep BAAAArbra. One of her lines was, “like a peacock.” Every time I see anything peacock I think of her.

The story about this picture is funny, but kind of sick. Well, while at the nursery we were all walking around looking at things and Bryce found a big cage with an iguana in it. The boy whose parents own the nursery was walking around and asked Bryce if he could find the bird in the cage, of course Bryce responds to the 10 year old with, “well yeah dude it is dead right there.”

This one is for all the grief that I give you guys for taking pictures of flowers.


Wammy said...

So now that you haeve such amazing shots, I really thing you should give me a lesson on how to make them look so good. This looks great. Good thing I was handy that day and had my camera in my pocket. So...where is your camera?

leigh ann said...

emmy you are hilarious! i vote for you for best storyteller..and for the record, i love bryce's response to that kid. =)

leigh ann said...

ok i voted for you for this little "contest" too. i love your flower pic at the end of your entry. and i know we're all proud to have inspired you with our old lady picture taking...that makes us the winners right?

Kathy said...

hilarious. what else can i say!?!?!