Saturday, June 21, 2008

Storms are Storms

here's my pic. actually, here are my pics. I couldn't decide between the two. we were at my mom and dad's at sunset beach in 2004 when hurricane charley came through. it had made it's initial impact on the states in southwest florida as a category 4. by the time it got to us it was a "minimal" hurricane. (I think that's a funny description.) the 7 of us stayed in our condo and waited it out. it was so loud! when it got quiet we went outside to see what had gone on. a tornado had been through our buildings and parking lots. there was quite a bit of damage to buildings, debris everywhere and so many large trees uprooted, lying on their sides. such a mess. we figured we were in the eye of the storm at that point, and it turned out we were because there was more to come. obviously we went back inside! when it was truly all over, we ventured over to the beach in the evening. the ocean was still rough but the boys played in the waves close to the shore. greg and dad took a walk while mom and I watched the boys play. people were on the beach but things were pretty quiet. maybe still in a state of awe and wonder at what we'd all seen that day. the sky was probably the most beautiful I have ever seen. pictures just don't do it justice. and such proof of the power and majesty of God! in less than 24 hours He had shown us a portion of the destruction His earth is capable of and also how very quiet and absolutely beautiful He can bring it to be. big lesson there. storms come, right? category 4 or a "minimal" hurricane - whatever life throws at us - storms are storms. but God can (and will) bring unbelievable beauty to our lives regardless. He is able!


Wammy said...

I know how much you lvoe the beach. Your shots are so amazing! Looks so calm and relazing you would never know something had gone thru and left its wake behind. Good job, now on for challenge number 2. You should win the next one...Emmy thinks she has won this one.

Kathy said...

great pics and great message. i LOVE that second pic. i can imagine i'll bet your faces glowed with the reflection of that sky!