Saturday, August 27, 2011

Small Wonders...Of Every Kind

I get so excited when kids gets excited!  I love the looks on their faces and I love the tone in their voices.  Yesterday morning Luke came running over on his way to the bus stop to tell us  about the 'poisonous' praying mantis that was in the crack in their sidewalk.  He (the praying mantis) was so small.  I picked him up and moved him to higher ground so he wouldn't get stepped on.  Doodles was fascinated with it.  So much to that we made several trips to Ms Renee's house to check on him to make sure he was okay.  I love it when you learn something new about something you thought you knew  everything about.   I didn't know they could be brown with green legs.  Or that the little spike things are really dangerous because they are so sharp they can cut you.  And they are not poisonous (I already knew that)  But the wonder of little minds and just being able to sit as watch as the wheels turn and their brains are able to come up with the questions..that is what I live for.  I am blessed to be able to have little ones around me daily.  I hope I never get to old to appreciate the wonders of these unbelievable creatures God has put in my path...I mean the two legged ones.


Kathy said...

what a great picture Jan!
and not only do those kids bless u i'm sure you are a huge blessing in their lives!

gina said...

love this!!! a kids excitement is so contagious! :)