Saturday, August 16, 2008

Backyard Critters

All week I have had my eyes opened to the creatures that live in our yard...mainly the backyard because it seems that I spend most of my time there.I seem to attract bees which is not a good thing. I was really careful when taking this spot...again risking my life for this blog...Bees were all over the place this day. I honestly didn't spend too much time out in the yard that morning. But I thought this been on the black-eyed Susan's. I have never noticed how symmetrical God is in some of his creations.This is a jar fly. It is a cousin to those lovely cicadas. I can remember as a kid catching these and tying a string to their back leg. They fly all over the place. It is like having a kite with ADHD. Emmy wants to try it but seems that we can only find ones that have flown their last fight.I was burning sticks and stumps lat week. I was taking a break sitting on the bench talking to one of the girls on the phone when I saw movement out the corner of my eye. I thought it was a mole. What ever it was, it went straight into the fire pit. I jumped up and tried to catch it. This crazy toad went all over the fire pit. Even into the hot coals. Again I risk life and limb for this blog...I reached into the coals and grabbed the toad. I'm thinking that his feet are blistering so I quickly put him in the fountain. He sat there for a really long time. I am figuring that he was either in shock or that cold water was taking away some of the sting. It lookslike he got the begabbers scared out of him...if you know what I mean!I almost grabbed this little winged wonder this morning while weeding. Liked to scared me to death! You can't tell but the wings of this creature are a very very light green and transparent. If I was guessing, I'd have to say that it is either a jar fly or some other relation to the cicada. YUCK! I'm still searching for more creatures. So be sure to check out Leigh Ann, Kathy and Emmy to see what amazing creatures they came up with.

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Kathy said...

wow isn't nature amazing? the color matching of the critters with their environment is just perfect. Who else can do such perfection that God himself. Great pics!