Saturday, July 5, 2008

'Pretty Clouds'

I love creation. God truly is amazing. and even though creation was completed a very long time ago, it seems as though He still is changing things up on a daily basis. I'm a sky watcher, always have been. just ask my brothers. in 1973 my parents took several weeks and drove us all over the united states and parts of canada, showing us what there was to see. I usually had to sit between my brothers (another blog for another day) but I also got to sit in the back of the station wagon (the "way-back") and read or write letters or roll around or whatever. one day I used up a whole roll of film taking pictures of clouds. I couldn't help it, they were beautiful... but max and scott STILL tease me about it. "look at that pretty cloud, leigh ann"...

we were at sunset beach and on our way to get ice cream or go play putt-putt or something when we saw this. had to pull over to the side to get it and still it does not do the colors in that sky justice. we think it looks like a postcard.

greg chose this one. we love how the sky is divided. as bright and blue as the one side is, the other is just as dark with the storm that's coming in. I think what I like the most is that I can see light behind the darkness of the cloud. the storm cloud is edged with light from the brightness of the sun behind it. life is like that. I get blue skies and I get dark clouds. when the bad times have their shot at me, it might look like I won't make it through. or that I'm going through it alone. but I will. and I'm not. God's in it with me and I can see Him if I just pay attention.

we have had a week with storms some days and blue skies with rain showers on others. makes for beautiful skies every day, which I've been loving. we took a walk the other evening and this was in part of the sky. (another part was beautiful blue and another part had a storm with lightning in it passing us by...I didn't know where to look!) I took this picture because I think the pinks and blues are beautiful and because I thought this cloud looked really unusual - very tall, don't you think? I'm sure there's some scientific name for it that max would know since he learned all about clouds at school this past year. looking at it now as I type this up for jan, I'm thinking it looks like a woman. kneeling, face raised. anybody else see that? ok, maybe it's just a cloud doing what clouds do. but everything that God made has been made for His glory, so why wouldn't even the clouds praise Him? just a thought. =)

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Wammy said...

I love how you write about clouds and the sky. I can see Max and Scot teasing you about your 'pretty clouds'...isn't that what brothers are supposed to do?

I've been trying to see the woman in your cloud but just don't quite see her yet. I'll keep trying.

I liked doing your was a real challenge for me to get my camera lens up in the air instead of down around the ground.