Sunday, July 20, 2008


we're supposed to send close-ups of things in that we will have to guess what is actually in the pictures. so I'm not going to say much in this entry. I'll just leave it up to the guesser.

Leigh Ann says the first picture is a section of a sand dollar. The second is a Crock or alligator, she doesn't know the difference and the third is a tentacle of a jelly fish.


Wammy said...

Leigh Ann, I knew yours would have to have something to do with the beach. I think the first one is a little section of a sand dollar. The second one has to be part of the alligators head near your Mom and Dad's place. Now, the third one has me stumped. I am guessing that it is something sea creatureish that you found in the surf...maybe some kind of sea eurchin?

Kathy said...

aly says :
1. snow
2. crocodile
3. star jelly (she says i need to read up on this i had never heard of star jelly...its an ocean thing)

leigh ann said...

i think aly's on drugs. star jelly?

Anonymous said...

sand dollar
gator or croc (really, I do not know the difference it is all the same)
this is a little tricky I think it is this thing that we Ellis kids like to call whale poop. It is that spongy slimy stuff that washes up on the beach that is probably some ind of coral or urchin but we refer to it as whale poop.

**Nicki** said...

1. sand dollar
2. gator
3. slimy worms, i have no idea

leigh ann said...

uh, i never said i didn't know the difference between crocs and gators. and that pic is a gator!