Saturday, July 5, 2008

All's Well

Well, Leigh Ann obviously showed us how awesome God's sky can be in her last entry. I have so many pictures of pretty clouds and the rainbow and the sun-so hard to choose. But this one springs to mind as my fave. Probably because of the feelings associated with it. It was the last day of our Sunset Beach Vacation and we literally watched the sun set on it. Bittersweet I must say. But breathtaking. A time lapse picture would've been watch the change that occurred every few minutes with the sky's color & the sun's position.
And just to think it does that 365 times a year!

p.s. I love to see and hear Canadian Geese fly over my head. That to me would be an awesome sky picture...but I have yet to capture it. I'd probably end up with a lens full of crap. So's the sunset picture.


Wammy said...

Oh, the beach. You picture was very sensory for me. I can imagine Mark and I sitting in our close to the ground chairs...our (my) skin hot and dry from the lastest sunburn...the grim of salt and sand sweeping into the back of my bathing suit...the cold water against the hot skin...the breeze blowing my straw feeling hair against my forehead and into my eyes...the warm sand at my heels...all that and then to actually be able to sit and watch the sun say goodnight. Can't think of a better way to end a vacation! Very nice job with the challenge.

And Canadian geese are my all time favorite thing in the world...well, right up there at the top. When we lived in WI we were right in the mighration flight path. Talk about geese...thousands would pass over our house daily and what honking did we hear. The are just so beautiful and graceful. Your comment about them made me smile and remember our trip to Horicon...literally millions of geese in one place. The honking was deafening! A really amazing site!

leigh ann said...

let's go NOW.

**Nicki** said...

I remember that evening, good thing my piggys were painted up:)